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The Only Inalienable Way to
Stop a Foreclosure

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What to do When You’ve Been Sued

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You CAN get rid of past due income taxes in a bankruptcy.

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Will I Lose My House or Car if I file For Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 13 When You Don’t Qualify for Chapter 7

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How to Get Rid of a Second Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit

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You Don’t Have to Choose Paying Creditors Over Feeding Your Children

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A Professional Law Corporation

The Law Offices of Derrick B. Hager, P.C.


Derrick B. Hager, P.C. is a Federal Practice law firm and employs every available and modern technique to address your legal needs.  All records are electronically stored and accessible with the highest degree of security and protection of your personal information.  Our office employs the “top-down” hierarchy of addressing your concerns which means you will talk to an attorney when you come in, an attorney will be the person answering your questions, an attorney will prepare your documents and an attorney will file your case.  All phone calls will be returned within 24 hours (except for Sundays), all e-mails will be responded to within 24 hours (except for Sundays) and all written correspondences will be forwarded to your attention within 24 hours of their receipt.


Derrick B. Hager, P.C. is a Professional Law Corporation.  All information shared with the firm, whether informally during an initial consultation or formally once an attorney-client relationship is established shall and will remain personal and confidential.  We practice consumer bankruptcy law exclusively so, unlike many law firms seeking to establish a lifelong “relationship,” our firm does not want you as a “repeat customer.”  Our services go beyond filing a bankruptcy case for you – we are here to help you reestablish your credit after the case has been filed and to advise you on future purchases and use of credit so you steer clear of the mountains and cliffs that lead to financial hardship.  Derrick B. Hager, attorney at law is a member in good standing with the Illinois State Bar Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the American Bankruptcy Institute.


In most areas of the law, “reliability” is a deciduous creature.  In the world of consumer bankruptcy, not so much.  Derrick B. Hager, P.C. has filed hundreds of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases and has never had a case dismissed or a Chapter 13 plan not confirmed because the firm did not do what it was supposed to do or had promised will be done.  We do not just file your case for you – we monitor your case’s progress from beginning to end and we monitor your case indefinitely after it has concluded.  If your creditors are behaving badly and not following the rules, we will go after them with unprecedented zeal.  We have a proven track record of making creditors pay when their bad behavior causes you harm or damages.  It’s your case but it’s our job to get your through it – reliably.


Reliable, adjective: able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be relied on: able to be believed : likely to be true or correct 
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition copyright © 2008 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.

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The Law Offices of Derrick B. Hager serve a number of areas. For a complete list of the areas that we serve, please visit our Areas We Serve page.

10 Steps of Obtaining Bankruptcy Protection

Worried about bankruptcy? We can help. Visit our 10 Steps of Obtaining Bankruptcy Protection page for tips about protecting yourself.

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We have your bankruptcy answers

Derrick B. Hager, P.C. is a Consumer Bankruptcy law practice dedicated to representing individuals and families in need of financial restructuring through Chapters 7 and 13 under the Federal Bankruptcy Code.   We do not represent creditors.  Our mission is to help you and your family get to that place in life where you are free to prioritize your children, your significant other and saving for the future without the stress and hardship of overwhelming and relationship destroying debt.

This firm is a Federally designated Debt Relief Agency under the Bankruptcy Reform Act.  We help people file for Bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Do I Qualify?
On October 17, 2005 the largest overhaul of our Federal Bankruptcy law went into effect. The reforms, known as the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act(“BAPCPA”), brought sweeping change to how and whether an individual would be allowed to seek relief from their debt in a traditional bankruptcy.


Mandatory Disclosures
When a person is discharged in bankruptcy, he or she is relieved from liability for most debts incurred before the bankruptcy was filed and protected from future collection of those debts. The purpose of bankruptcy is to give you a “fresh start,” and the bankruptcy code is interpreted by the Courts to give effect to these words.


Full Disclosure & Accurate Reporting
It cannot be over stated or emphasized enough how important it is for persons seeking a discharge of their debt to fully disclose all of their assets and liabilities and accurately report, describe and value those assets and debts.


Pre-Bankruptcy Planning
The following is a compilation of pre-bankruptcy planning advice as provided by the collective wisdom, experience and knowledge of the outstanding members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.


Items Needed For Your Consultation
The Law Offices of Derrick B. Hager, P.C. have compiled a list of items we request our clients bring to their consultation that will help aid in the bankruptcy process.


Post Discharge Credit Restoration
Congratulations! You’ve completed all the required documents, courses, and hearings and the time for anyone to object to you earning a discharge of your unsecured debt has passed and an Order of Discharge has been signed by the Judge. Finally, it is over – time for the long awaited “Fresh Start” – it’s over; almost.


Avoiding Bankruptcy in the Future
By the time you earn a discharge of your unsecured debt through bankruptcy you will have taken two different mandatory classes that will help you to understand how you came into your financial hardship and how to plan and budget moving forward.


Your Personal Bank's Right to Set-Off
Before filing a petition under bankruptcy it is VERY IMPORTANT to know that all banks and credit unions have the right to “set-off” your bank account balances in the event you file for bankruptcy.


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  • Dear Atty. Derrick, Thank you for your assistance; you are a blessing in my life, and thank you for your ongoing assistance. May you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  • Derrick, Thanks for all you did for me.

  • Thank you for all the help you gave us. We really appreciate it.

  • Derrick, We want to thank you so much for all you've done for us. Words just can't describe our thankful hearts.

  • Derrick, Just wanted to say: thank you for everything! I appreciate everything you do. :)

  • Dear Derrick, Thank you for helping us with the bankruptcy process- we hope and plan to be in a better place financially very soon. We are working together more then ever before on our finances and how to make this all work- perhaps that is more important than any challenge out there. Have a productive week and remember when obstacles seem large- with God all things are possible.

  • Derrick, We hope business is good for you. we know the economy sucks right now and people are having financial difficulties- losing homes, etc. The economy is affecting ALL of us. People are in good hands with such a great guy and good lawyer. Thanks again.

  • Derrick, Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. We appreciate all the time you have taken to look things over. Take care.

  • Dear Derrick, Thank you for working so hard and getting me a discharge. I am so grateful to you for a fresh start.

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